Silicon metal



Off grade

1)Si: 97.0%min; Fe: 1.0%max; Al: 1.0%max; Ca: 0.3%max

2)Si: 97.0%min; Fe: 1.5%max; Al: 1.0%max; Ca: 0.3%max

3)Si: 96.5%min; Fe: 1.8%max; Al: 1..5%max; Ca: 0.3%max

4)Si: 93.0%min; Fe: 4.0%max; Al: 3.0%max; Ca: 1.0%max


Si: 98.5%min; Fe: 0.5%max; Al: 0.5%max; Ca: 0.3%max


Si: 99.0%min; Fe: 0.4%max; Al: 0.4%max; Ca: 0.1%max


Si: 99.3%min; Fe: 0.3%max; Al: 0.3%max; Ca: 0.03%max


Si: 99.0%min; Fe: 0.4%max; Al: 0.2%max; Ca: 0.1%max


Si: 99.0%min; Fe: 0.4%max; Al: 0.1%max; Ca: 0.1%max

Size 10-100mm 90%min 
Packing in 1mt big jumbo bag 

Silicon metal is used in the primary and secondary aluminum industry to improve the strength of aluminum. In the chemical industry, silicon metal is employed for the production of silanes, resins, silicones and lubricants. Silicon metal is also used in the production of super high purity silicon by metallurgical or chemical routes, destined to the manufacture of parts for the segment of advanced electronics, as computers, space communications, defense systems, photo-voltaic panels, etc.